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We all like to think we can do it all, that we can be Wonder Woman or Superman and achieve everything that needs to be done to succeed in business and at home.  The fact is, there are simply not enough hours in the day for business owners or entrepreneurs to achieve everything on their to-do list, without neglecting something or someone. 

Meet Virtually There.  From the Virtual Assistant industry, we are known as Administration Consultants or Virtual Specialists.  Established in 2005, our services are many and varied.  We can relieve you of your general administration tasks, and we also offer more specialised skills in online CRM implementation, customisation, training and ongoing support. 

Virtually There supports businesses to succeed.

We are your behind-the-scenes admin support.

We help business owners achieve their goals by giving you your time back - time to grow your business, time for yourself, for hobbies, for family...

We help you kick your goals.

We work from our own office.

We are cost effective!  We relieve your admin workload - when you need us.

Remember the old saying “If you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself”?  That saying goes right out the window when you meet Virtually There. 

Virtually There Owner, Kerryn Sonnet says “I will love your business the way you do.”

I am passionate about alleviating stress, offering solutions, sharing the load and I am determined to be the first person my clients think of and turn to when they are feeling pressure and need some help. 

I take ownership of tasks and responsibilities necessary in business, to free up business owners and staff so they can get on with growing their business

I can be your right arm, or just a little pinkie.  Whether you need admin support on a grand scale or from time to time, the benefit of my service is you can come to me when you need help”.

Kerryn Sonnet is the owner of Virtually There, a former Melbourne girl who moved to Bendigo over 5 years ago to live the tree change and raise a family.   Kerryn offers over 20 years of high output, executive level administration in a variety of industries.  Kerryn is the consummate professional and self confessed ”Do It Now kind of chick”.  

Virtually There – Business Administration Support

Loving your business the way you do


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Hi I own Online Bendigo, I believe in the Bendigo Way and have developed this website in a effort to help local Bendigo Business please email me with any questions.

Scott MacRae

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