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Giving a good gift

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Giving a good gift

The idea of doing a good deed with your Christmas consumer dollar is not a new one, but the Good Gift Catalog from Social Traders, an organisation that supports social enterprise, is a new way you can help social enterprises achieve their social goals just by doing your Christmas shopping. 

The catalogue is filled with over 150 products and services from social enterprises across Australia; you can buy items ranging from Indigenous bush soaps and up-cycled fashion to social enterprise wine and coffee.

With an interface that lets you choose by the recipient’s gender and interest area as well as intended spending limit, it is strongly pitching itself to the Kris Kringle market, and beyond.

‘This is a great opportunity to let people know that they can use their purchasing power to make a difference, and support businesses that benefit the community,’ Social Traders’ Mindy Leow said.

Social enterprises, also called social businesses or profit-for-purpose entities, are often run by not-for-profits looking to achieve both social goals and generate some profit to keep the business afloat.

This catalogue is based on the SEFinder website that Social Trader’s launched earlier in the year . Community Sector Banking was proud to be featured as one of the social enterprises listed in the directory.

‘As a social enterprise ourselves, we try to use social enterprise and small businesses for as many of our purchases as possible, I encourage people to consider purchasing ethical gifts this festive season and support businesses with social purpose’ CEO and Managing Director, Greg Peel.

Next month’s ‘in the loop’ will outline key fundraising campaigns from other partner organisations.

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